Valet Parking Software

Easy. Smart. Affordable.

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SMS eTicket. Easy.

Now days contacless valet becomes a neccessity.
Valet Parking Software solves that challenge with SMS eTicket.

  • Customer provides phone number.
  • Instantly a text message is send with instructions, disclaimer & rates.
  • Customer can Pay & Request using their own phone!

OS Agnostic. Smart.

Valet Parking Software will run on any device connected to the internet: iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Windows & Linux.

  • Take pictures of vehicles at arrival & employees at clock.
  • Comunicate in real time with customer via text message.
  • Provide management with a user friendly interface.
  • Accept online validations, members cards, credit cards & coupons.
  • Integrate with Accounting, Payroll.
  • Request TV Monitors & Kiosks.

"Do no evil" price. Affordable.

Valet Parking Software will cost you about the same per day that one Iced Caramel Macchiato Venti.

  • Park 200 or 2,000 vehicles per month? Same price.
  • Send & Receive 30,000 text messages per month? Same price.
  • Need to create a custom report? Same price.
  • Need a Request Monitor or Kiosk? You get it, right?